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NEWSFLASH from Australian NBN Television News & 7PM Project Channel TEN:
Unhappy customers: Aussies let down by poor service – July 15th 2010
The American Express Global Customer Service Barometer found that 81 percent of Australians feel that businesses are taking their business for granted, with only 2 percent reporting that service usually exceeds their expectations. The survey also revealed that the majority of consumers would spend an average of 8 percent more if exceptional customer service accompanied the service.
Of the 12 countries included in the survey The Netherlands achieved the top ranking for giving great service, followed by India, Japan, Germany and France. Australia appeared at the bottom of the list in 12th position after the UK who were 11th.
Click here —–> Customer Service to read more about our approach to this critical business issue and download a background article on the July 2010 survey.


Brands today hold more intrinsic value than they have ever had at any other time. Today we evaluate equally the vigour of the organisational and product brands as well as those “brands” of the people we meet every day.

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Organisational Development

Development infers a degree of change from the current norms; often requiring a shift in performance orientation and achievement of desired results. Any planned change process is designed to bring about a particular future state that differs from that which currently exists.

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Coaching & Mentoring

Most organisations have shifted away from the pedestrian annual appraisal where little heed was paid to merit of performance and more to do with the number of people who could and should fit into pre-determined award categories. The difference in an individual’s confidence and ability to reach their annual objectives or Key Performance Indicators soars dramatically when they participate in a performance coaching and/or mentoring program.

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We have all most probably, attended the kind of presentation that aimed no less at getting the right words in the right order from a pre-prepared script to match the right (yet unreadable) PowerPoint slides with an overriding emphasis on the survival of the speaker.

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